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Feb 24 Wed -- 2021

- HH-60G Pave Hawk assigned to Alaska Air National Guard 210th Rescue Squadron, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, transits Malamute Drop Zone during parachute jump operations, photo
- FAA issued Emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD) (PDF) that requires US operators of airplanes equipped with certain PrattWhitney PW4000 engines to inspect these engines before further flight
- NASA seeking proposals for ground and flight demonstrations of integrated megawatt-class powertrain systems for subsonic aircraft. Deadline for proposals for this solicitation is 5pm EST April 20
- AD certain Bell Textron Canada Limited (Bell) Model 505 helicopters - emergency AD prompted by report of cracked pilot collective stick and grip assembly (pilot collective stick) that was discovered during a pre-flight check of the flight controls

- NASA and SpaceX latest blog
- SpaceX launch missions

- Mars 2020 mission - Perseverance rover 2021
- Interagency Aviation Training (IAT) Course Schedule

Feb 23 Tue -- 2021

- US Army Aviation bid farewell to old friend when it hosted helicopter TH-67 Creek Final Flight ceremony at Cairns Army Airfield. Two TH-67s, escorted by AH-64 Apache, two UH-60 Black Hawks and CH-47 Chinook, flew to Howze Field for salute from Brig. Gen. Stanley Budraitis
   more Fort Rucker Army Flier
- Mars Perseverance Rover Front Row Seat to Landing
- FAA opened application period for entities interested in serving as test administrators for The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). Potential test administrators must submit their applications by March 31, 2021
- US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory Flight Test of Vita Inclinata Load Stability System Litter Attachment for H-60 Blackhawks
- Bell OH58 incident - helicopter conducting missing person search and lifted off from field tipped over for unknown reasons, Greensburg, Louisiana
- Sikorsky UH60 Incident - helicopter conducting motion picture activities and actor was being hoisted up, rope broke and fell 15ft, Santa Clarita Calif
- Combined Lot 4/5 contract continues production of air-launched variant of LRASM, now operational on US Navy F/A-18E/F and USAF B-1B

- Rotorcraft Design Approvals - Helicopter Occupant Safety Toolkit
- News Nellis AFB, Nevada
- FAA monthly Business Jet Reports
- US National Archives and Records Administration - Nationwide Events
- NASA Commercial Crew Program - NASA and Boeing now targeting no earlier than Friday, April 2, for launch of Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 to International Space Station

- CH-53K performs Degraded Visual Environment flight testing in Yuma, Az CH-53K

Feb 22 Mon -- 2021

- US Air Force Special Operations Command hosting Emerald Warrior exercise at multiple locations from Feb.16-Mar.5, photo
- UA Flight 328 under NTSB investigation and PratWhitney dispatched team to work with investigators. PW coordinating with operators and regulators to support revised inspection interval of PW4000 engines that power Boeing 777
- Boeing monitoring recent events related to UA Flight 328. While NTSB investigation is ongoing, Boeing recommended suspending operations of 69 in-service and 59 in-storage 777s powered by PW4000-112 engines until FAA identifies the appropriate inspection protocol
     FAA report on B777 PW4000 engine failure and fire, Denver
- FRESHVALE LTD released brand-new Heavy VTOL UAV 150H

- US Navy MH-60S Sea Hawk Helicopter and two MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopters fly in formation alongside aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, photo

- FAA Aeronautical Raster Chart is a digital image of FAA VFR Chart

- Sikorsky (Lockheed) and Boeing released details of DeFIANT X advanced helicopter for US Army Future Long Range Assault Aircraft competition (FLRAA). Fastest, most maneuverable and most survivable assault helicopter

- JPL Technology Demo teaching us how do you fly a helicopter on Mars, Mar. 11 2021 7pm PDT
- SpaceX launch updates -

- Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., Flying Operations
- USAF Week in Photos
- USAF F35A Demo Team for 2021 Airshow Season, All USAF Aerial Events

- FAA Practical Test Standards

- FAA Safety Alerts
19006, Crash Resistant Fuel System (CRFS) Safety Standards
18013, Updated Rotorcraft External Load Attaching Means and Quick Release Devices for Human External Cargo (HEC).
18010, Procedures for Avoiding Obstacles Lighted with Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Obstruction Lights While Utilizing Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

- NTSB Safety Alerts
Flight Helmet Cords Can Impede Egress, Understand cord connections (SA-068)
Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness in Helicopters, Be alert for uncommanded yaw (SA-062).
Helicopter Landing Sites Free from Debris, Foreign object debris can foul rotor systems and cause damage (SA-057).
Flying on Empty, Prevent the Preventable with Careful Fuel Management (SA-067)

- Space Weather for Aviation Service Provider

Feb 20 Sat -- 2021

- NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Calif) received first status report from Ingenuity Mars Helicopter (landed Feb.18,2021) at Jezero Crater. Ingenuity attached to belly of Mars 2020 Perseverance rover will remain attached to rover for 30 to 60 days
- Mars 2020 Perseverance rover high-resolution image taken during landing
- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University researchers received four FAA grants to assess risks and help develop safety protocols for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), drones
- USAF will begin divesting 17 B-1B Lancers from current fleet

- Fly Safe - topic covers Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM). General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) contends that many general aviation (GA) accidents stem from inadequate Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and resource management skills

- NASA and Boeing are targeting no earlier than Thursday, March 25, for launch of Starliner second uncrewed flight test as part of Commercial Crew Program.

- US Army University Press Jan-Feb 2021, China Maritime Militia and Fishing Fleets
   Military Review
- Robinson Helicopter Newsletters, Torrance, Calif

Plan for Spring Wildflower, with social distance, mask
- Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California. Historical and cultural sites, from old movie ranches to Native American centers
- Anza-Borrego Desert Calif State Park wildflower locations and directions,
- Angeles National Forest special places, Southern Calif

- USAF Schedule F-22 Demonstration Team

Feb 19 Fri -- 2021

- Bell AerOS enables companies to manage fleet information, observe health of vehicles, manage throughput of goods and products, and aggregate predictive data and maintenance information
- USAF Crew fly over Numazu Beach, Japan. During flight pilots conducted various water and land training scenarios, photos
- FAA will implement Las Vegas Metroplex project on Feb.25,2021 New routes for McCarran International Airport, Henderson Executive Airport, and North Las Vegas Airport will be more direct, automatically separated from each other and have efficient climb and descent profiles

- Perseverance Mars rover has sent back first image, more from mars2020 blog

- US Army Flier, Fort Rucker, farewell to TH-67 Creek, Feb 2021
- Commercial crew mission

- FAA Safety Briefing - Challenge and Response Jan-Feb 2021
- Nellis Air Force Base, Nev, Flying Operation
- Eielson AFB, Alaska, Red Flag

- NASA Rotorcraft Publications 2020, 2019, 2018
- US Helicopter Safety Team monthly update
   more helicopter Reports
- US Navy Blue Angels Show Schedules 2021
- US Navy Week Schedule
- Darpa Opportunities

- US coast Guard MH-65 helicopter program

Feb 18 Thu -- 2021

- NASA inviting public to take part in virtual activities and events as Mars 2020 Perseverance rover nears entry, descent, and landing on the Red Planet, with touchdown scheduled for approximately 3:55pm EST Thursday, Feb.18. Live coverage and landing commentary from Jet Propulsion Laboratory Southern California will begin at 2:15pm EST nasa.gov_Live
- Search for life on Mars
- USAF 48th Fighter Wing selected new nickname for first US Air Force overseas-based F-35A Lightning II squadron Valkyries

- Airline passengers can obtain updated information on how to Fly Healthy
- FAA order directing stricter legal enforcement policy against unruly airline passengers in the wake of recent, troubling incidents

- Nasa CallBACK monthly safety newsletter, Jan 2021 Distractions in the Cockpit
- US Army Aviation Digest - Emergency Response Methodology Update, US Army Sling Load Operations,
   An Unintended Side Effect of the Aviation Restructuring Initiative - Oct-Dec 2020
- Federal Register for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
- USAF Air Combat Command F-16 Viper Demonstration Team Schedule

- KC-130T equipped with NP2000 Propeller System completed aerial refueling mission with MV-22 Osprey CH-53K

B-29 Doc tour schedule July-Aug 2021, St. Louis, MO (Spirit of St. Louis Airport), Terre Haute, IN, Cincinnati, OH (Lunken Air Field), Cleveland, OH (Burke Lakefront Airport), Kalamazoo, MI (Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Experience), EAA AirVenture (Oshkosh, WI with rides in Appleton, WI)
Going West on the Lincoln Highway map
2020 Aerospace Valley Air Show, October 9,10 a hybrid event, photos
Calendar Grand Canyon NP
August 1, 1943 - "Hell's Wench" B-24 badly damaged by anti-aircraft artillery fire, led 93rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) in daring low level attack on oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania, photo
History of San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, photos
Friends of the Inyo exploring new places, Calif
Death Valley National Park - Scotty Castle
   Road Information
California Fall Color, scenic drives and hikes
SAFO - Helicopter Stabilized Hover Checks Before Departure pdf
GE tested Advanced Turboprop Engine with 3D-Printed parts. Civilian turboprop engine to combine 855 separate components into just 12, photo
FAA Administrator Fact Book returned on-line    pdf
Top 10 Martin Gardner Scientific American Articles, Mathematical Games column began January 1957
B-17F Memphis Belle(tm) to be placed on public display on May 17, 2018 at National Museum USAF, photo
   Fact Sheet
   1944 movie Director Lt. Col. William Wyler American Film Institute
2017 Ladies Love Taildraggers 5 scholarships
Robinson Helicopter Safety Alerts -- Low-G Mast Bumping Accidents Dec2016
Three US Marine H-53 Sea Stallion heavyLift helicopters (over 20yrs old) brought out of retirement from DavisMonthan AFB Ariz. will be upgraded and put back into active service. photo Aug2005

Mars Spirit Opportunity rovers. jplNasa
US Navy helicopter San Diego Calif training 2007. Photo courtesy of Jim Pratt "flybum" opens new window. USN2007helicopter
Monthy Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association, Historical Aircraft Display Day.
Blue Angels Show Schedule
EAA B-17 Tour
USAF Thunderbirds Show Schedule. thunderbirds
Collings Foundation B-17 B-24
Reno NV Air Races
Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum, Ashland, NE
Always check before travel,
events sometimes get cancelled.
From 2020
Video images from NASA Juno mission
Boeing delivering new technologies and performance improvements to US Special Operations Command with Block II Chinook helicopter. Boeing Philadelphia team recently delivered first MH-47G Block II Chinook to SOCOM

From 2019
Sikorsky Boeing SB1 DEFIANT(tm) helicopter first flight, photos
DoD USAF plan to buy 80 F-15X and slow rollout of the F-35

From 2018
SureFly eVTOL, hybrid-electric eVTOL multi-copter
Lockheed new digital curriculum for high-school students, parents and educators as part of Generation Beyond, free, online STEM education program used in US classrooms

From 2017
Sikorsky R-4 helicopter display, photo
Engineering Development Model UH-60V Black Hawk helicopter, photo
Researchers at MIT designed one of the strongest lightweight materials known, by 3-D printing flakes of graphene, a two-dimensional form of carbon. The new material, a sponge-like configuration with a density of just 5 percent, can have a strength 10 times that of steel.

From 2010
NASA Subsonic Rotary Wing Project
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San Luis Obispo is located on the Central Coast of California about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The airport (McChesney Field) is about a mile south of downtown San Luis Obispo.
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Over 6,000 hours from 1986 - 2002
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